The road to Development


AFKOM is a thriver company in the information technology industry. On 24th September President Arkadiusz Figurny received the statuette of the Polish Innovation Award 2018 for new technologies and a proprietary OES system dedicated to the automobile industry.

Afkom is the winner of the Polish Innovation Award 2018. What is this distinction for you?
This is definitely a recognition of our entire effort, which we have put into the development of the company so far. The company has been operating for 5 years and therefore relatively young. Given this fact, for us it is an important and prestigious reward.

What were the biggest challenges, but also the biggest reasons to be proud during these five years?
The biggest challenge was to enter the international markets, because despite the knowledge of a foreign language, the language barrier is sometimes given in characters. If you speak English with people outside of Europe, it is always different than when you are in a relationship with Europeans. This is evidenced by cooperation with India, with which we jointly realize one of the major projects. Aside from this aspect, the biggest problem, however, is the time zone offset. The main thing is to communicate with business partners in India at the same time and to work here on the spot.

How does the company pursue its objectives under the AFKOM programme – the way to the 4.0 industry?
We strive primarily to be innovate all the time, we search for new solutions, we follow what is happening in the markets. We strive to develop solutions for companies that allow to enter the 4.0 industry.

Do you think that the target group of AFKOM in the future will expand? If so, what industries?
I think ultimately, every industry will strive towards the 4.0 industry. This is inevitable, because our neighbors, eg. From Germany, they go very hard in this direction. Poland to keep up with this trend will need to invest in solutions corresponding to the fourth industrial Revolution.

What are the company’s plans for the future?
Certainly further development, enlargement of the crew, expanding the markets. Today, everything is fixed dynamically. Each year brings a lot of changes.

How do you judge events such as the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress?
The Polish Entrepreneurship Congress is a very prestigious event. First of all, I appreciate the idea of discussion panels, establishing new business relationships or the fact that you can meet with a potential audience, see how other companies are pursuing their goals.

Anna Cieśla

OES on the way to industry 4.0


AFKOM has existed on the market for only a few years and has already been able to boast numerous successes in the international market. About the effects of global work and the author’s mobile application, says Arkadiusz Figurny – Chairman of the board.

What does AFKOM do?

It is a IT company. We specialize in software designed for manufacturing companies. More precisely, it is software that is supposed to support the production and logistics of enterprises. It is such a specific SOFTWARE, which is referred to MES systems. They both control production and report low-level data, e.g. Collect information about the movements of components in production, the composition of the product, the machines used for its creation, and the parameters that are recorded during the production process.

What are the branches of the company directing their services?

First of all to the automotive sector, but we also have a furniture industry among customers. There we track the flow of pallets and its control in a fully automatic system. Pallets are placed on the production buffer in which they are seasoned and thereafter transferred to the further machining process. The whole operation is controlled by our system.

What is the original AFKOM OES system?

In addition to these processes, it also supports quality control, where we collect parameter information. We are able to verify their correctness and also prepare statistics to ensure continuity of production.

The company also operates in foreign markets. How did this happen?

Our clients are mainly corporations. In the last project we installed the system in India. The Internet allows you to connect to any place in the world within the corporate network. This allows us to support any place on Earth. We performed all the work remotely, without having to go abroad. We have prepared appropriate installations on the server, we coordinated the work of programmers in India and today the system works. This is something we want to brag about, because as for such a small company, success in India is a big achievement for us.

What determiners must have a worker to get a job in your industry?

First of all, they are good specialists, fluent in English. They are also characterized by openness, not focusing on one thing, but a broad view of the various topics and willingness to develop. If we talk about people immediately after studying, they have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but they lack practice. Knowledge is passed in such a way that the theory of obscreation is a vision of practice. You have to spend some time later to train the employee. We provide training to prepare an employee directly under the necessary specialization.

What is the nomination for the Polish Innovation Award for you and the company?

It is a chance to develop and show up in a broader group of entrepreneurs. Getting to the client for small businesses is difficult. We strive to promote our solutions to industries that have contacts with manufacturing companies. The nomination is a distinction and a viable opportunity to acquire new corporations that will appreciate our actions.

Anna Cieśla

Intelligent production Management


Existing on the market for 5 years, the company AFKOM (Częstochowa), an Oracle partner, offers an innovative AFKOM OES system, supporting quality assurance in various branches of production, becoming a standard solution to the 4.0 technology. The solution is constantly evolving and new functionalities are being introduced into the market. The creator of this author's system is Arkadiusz Figurny, owner of the company.

AFKOM OES is a universal system of the MES class, which is used to control technological processes and material flow during production. It is the foundation on which you can build further solutions to create a smart industrial plant. The System can be used in companies of different sizes and allows remote control of production without the need for personal supervision (performance, deficiencies, inventories, negative events, etc.). The System can be placed on both enterprise and cloud servers.

A new element of the system is the AFKOM BLACKBOX device that allows you to quickly connect any, even the simplest machine to the system. This device enables interaction between the production line and the planner. Based on the order entered by the planner, the system can verify the correctness of the supplied components and machine tooling and allow the machine to start. Information about the realized production will be introduced to the system so that the planner can all the time observe the execution process of the order. The device can also collect data about the causes of downtime, machine failures, process parameters, and after adding the appropriate lamps placed over the packaging of components indicate the order of their installation.

The AFKOM OES System also provides the possibility of better segregation of defective products, the exchange of data between different systems in the same plant, as well as between different systems of the other supply chain companies. All data is recorded in the form of reports in a central enterprise database, which allows you to compare individual lines and also provide greater security and lower costs.

Zuzanna Pawełczyk

AFKOM supports production management

Interview with Arkadiusz Figurnym, owner of AFKOM, Business Monitor, 31 August 2016

AFKOM specializes in supporting management, especially in the context of the 4.0 industry concept or the fourth Industrial Revolution. What is it?

The so-called fourth Industrial Revolution is the dynamic development of new technologies. The solutions we propose are aimed at continuously optimising the functioning of businesses by gathering and processing information in real time. The idea is not only for mid-level management, but for companies and even customers to keep an insight into what’s going on in production lines.

Why is it so important?

Enabling the current flow of information provides the ability to quickly validate production processes and influence changes, and thus rapid elimination of errors. This system also allows for the implementation of short series.

What are the specific proposals for AFKOM?

We mainly deal with the creation and implementation of OES/MES/WMS/CMMS systems for manufacturing or logistics companies. They enable manual and automatic transport Management to be optimized for large data processing. Their performance and functionality can be matched to the size of the plant. The Web interface can be run on both the computer and the smartphone or tablet. The application is insensitive to sudden crashes of the computer or other device on which it is being browed.

AFKOM has a lot of successful projects and realization worldwide. What is the source of the company’s success?

We use the best information technology (Oracle, Microsoft, Siemens). We have a team with many years of experience in the development of systems and in the management of IT projects, creation and optimization of databases, programming of web, window, mobile and PLC applications. We have projects implemented in Germany, Spain, Romania, Portugal, India, China in automotive and furniture companies.

What is the most important “flagship” of your product?

Undoubtedly, it is our proprietary AFKOM OES (Operation execution System) system designed to support production, maintenance, quality management and inventory. Together with the Polish branch of Balluff we have prepared a model of the industrial line with a small robot consisting of cars made of wooden blocks. By accessing the system remotely from the customer’s panel you can choose the vehicle to be manufactured and then observe the course of its construction in the automatic factory, and in the system follow confirmation of the successive stages of production.

He spoke: Piotr Kamiński