We approach tasks positively

  • We focus on finding solutions, not on difficulties
  • We listen to suggestions and any comments about our work, thanks to which we are still developing
  • We are open to new solutions and willing to take on new challenges
  • We admit to mistakes, because only in this way can we fix them together and thus minimize their occurrence in the future.

We value good communication

  • We keep you informed about the status of commissioned tasks – we respect the work of our co-workers and our contractors
  • We quickly obtain the information necessary to achieve our goals
  • Instead of writing e-mails – we meet
  • We call often. We value effective communication

We optimise the implementation of tasks

  • We optimize work, which is why we are open to your suggestions for improvement. Use the right arguments
  • We are open to suggestions on how to improve the work process
  • If we do not have specific knowledge, we ask for support, we ask, we look for solutions

We like organized, orderly work

  • We respect the time of our co-workers and contractors
  • We are timely and when an obstacle arises, we immediately talk about it
  • We communicate clearly, precisely and directly
  • Our tasks are short-term and long-term, taking into account the above , we define priorities
  • We use tools to organize and manage work in accordance with the Kanban system

We care about the effects

  • We are ambitious and usually do more than expected of us
  • We respect our customers , which is why efficiency is so important to us
  • We are thorough, conscientious, responsible
  • We put emphasis on the high quality of our work
  • We are involved in what we do, we do not follow the simplest line of resistance, we want the customer to be satisfied with the results of our work
  • We act for and in the interest of our clients
  • We guard the procedures in force in our company
  • We attach great importance to reporting and analytics, we rely on facts, we work in accordance with the highest standards

Responsibility is our priority

  • We take responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us
  • We are aware that the effects are the most important for the customer
  • Planning makes task management simple
  • We verify our priorities
  • We use analytical tools
  • We cooperate and share experience and knowledge

We are in the right place. We know what we do

  • We are programmers. We have been doing our work for over a dozen years
  • We have consciously chosen professional development at AFKOM
  • We are not looking for development paths in other industries
  • We appreciate the role of continuous learning in our work
  • Responsible work translates into good remuneration