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AFKOM is a thriver company in the information technology industry. On 24th September President Arkadiusz Figurny received the statuette of the Polish Innovation Award 2018 for new technologies and a proprietary OES system dedicated to the automobile industry.

Afkom is the winner of the Polish Innovation Award 2018. What is this distinction for you?
This is definitely a recognition of our entire effort, which we have put into the development of the company so far. The company has been operating for 5 years and therefore relatively young. Given this fact, for us it is an important and prestigious reward.

What were the biggest challenges, but also the biggest reasons to be proud during these five years?
The biggest challenge was to enter the international markets, because despite the knowledge of a foreign language, the language barrier is sometimes given in characters. If you speak English with people outside of Europe, it is always different than when you are in a relationship with Europeans. This is evidenced by cooperation with India, with which we jointly realize one of the major projects. Aside from this aspect, the biggest problem, however, is the time zone offset. The main thing is to communicate with business partners in India at the same time and to work here on the spot.

How does the company pursue its objectives under the AFKOM programme – the way to the 4.0 industry?
We strive primarily to be innovate all the time, we search for new solutions, we follow what is happening in the markets. We strive to develop solutions for companies that allow to enter the 4.0 industry.

Do you think that the target group of AFKOM in the future will expand? If so, what industries?
I think ultimately, every industry will strive towards the 4.0 industry. This is inevitable, because our neighbors, eg. From Germany, they go very hard in this direction. Poland to keep up with this trend will need to invest in solutions corresponding to the fourth industrial Revolution.

What are the company’s plans for the future?
Certainly further development, enlargement of the crew, expanding the markets. Today, everything is fixed dynamically. Each year brings a lot of changes.

How do you judge events such as the Polish Entrepreneurship Congress?
The Polish Entrepreneurship Congress is a very prestigious event. First of all, I appreciate the idea of discussion panels, establishing new business relationships or the fact that you can meet with a potential audience, see how other companies are pursuing their goals.

Anna Cieśla

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