What is a B2B platform?

The B2B platform is a specialized software designed for online sales,which supports remote service of business customers. It is a system in which the customer is put in the first place. B2B software enables quick order handling, thanks to which sales can be carried out at the highest level. This type of solution works best for wholesalers, distribution companies and manufacturers. So if your organization deals with cyclical business deliveries of goods or services or conducts wholesale distribution, then the B2B platform is created just for it. Comfort and speed of order processing is the biggest advantage of e-commerce. In times of constant change, it is necessary to be open to new technologies such as sales automation, which foster innovation in small companies and large enterprises.

What will you gain from the implementation of the B2B platform?

  • You will automate activities which will translate into an increase in the quality of cooperation with the client
  • You will enable the customer to have continuous access to the product offer and place orders without having to contact the seller
  • You will provide your customers with current, consistent with the actual stock levels along with prices
  • You will introduce round-the-clock sales – regardless of the time of day or time (24h/7 per week)
  • You will optimize online transactions without the obligation to pay commissions, which are a standard part of most shopping platforms
  • Save your employees time by automating repetitive tasks
  • Reduce the risk of making obvious mistakes and mistakes with specialized software
  • You will increase your sales results
  • You will reduce current costs
  • You will improve the payment system
  • You will gain control over the current status of orders and complaints
  • You will improve communication with customers
  • You will gain time to build existing relationships and acquire new customers

B2B Platform Features

  • Integration with the trade and warehouse program
  • Extensive database of contractors,including the history of previous cooperation
  • Panel for placing orders and for viewing the current offer tailored to the individual needs of the customer
  • Automatic reporting of product rankings and cart values
  • Constant access to the product offer,tailored to the needs of individual customers
  • Forwarding announcements and organizing promotions dedicated to specific groups of customers
  • Newsletters,e-mail notifications used to provide Customers with information about the offer
  • Messenger to access conversation history

Data synchronization ranges in the B2B platform

  • Customer files
  • Stock levels
  • Individual price lists
  • Offers
  • Orders and their execution statuses
  • Settlements, e.g. invoices
  • Available balance, credit limits
  • Returns / Complaints
  • Ability to download other additional information

The most important modules of the B2B platform

Product catalog for customers not logged in

Without logging in, the customer can browse the product catalog with access to some of the information. The customer is not able to place orders, view prices and stock levels.

New customer registration

A new customer can register for the system. Registration can also be completely automatic or the client can be approved by the administrator.

Discount thresholds and prices

Information on discount thresholds and prices (m.in wholesale prices, percentage discount on a group of products, individual price per product and others) is charged from the financial program / ERP. It is also possible to set prices and customer groups at the B2B platform level.

Timely payments.

When placing an order, the customer has available information about the payment date, in accordance with the settings in the financial program. There is also an option to set a payment date at the B2B platform level.

Integration with online payment systems

After approving the order, the customer has the option of making a transfer for the order using the online payment service.

Stock levels and availability date

The customer has access to stock levels and, in the absence of products, information on the date of availability.

Credit limits and balance

The ability to place orders within the credit limit or above after the order has been accepted by the merchant.

List of orders and invoices

Preview of the list of orders, invoices including the amount, payment dates, settlement status and the ability to download the invoice in pdf.

Contact details of the account manager

The possibility of contacting the guardian by phone, e-mail or chat.

Account Manager

Account manager permissions allow you to view the assigned group of customers, the ability to place an order on behalf of the client.


The account manager has the opportunity to prepare an individual offer for his client.