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Interview with Arkadiusz Figurnym, owner of AFKOM, Business Monitor, 31 August 2016

AFKOM specializes in supporting management, especially in the context of the 4.0 industry concept or the fourth Industrial Revolution. What is it?

The so-called fourth Industrial Revolution is the dynamic development of new technologies. The solutions we propose are aimed at continuously optimising the functioning of businesses by gathering and processing information in real time. The idea is not only for mid-level management, but for companies and even customers to keep an insight into what’s going on in production lines.

Why is it so important?

Enabling the current flow of information provides the ability to quickly validate production processes and influence changes, and thus rapid elimination of errors. This system also allows for the implementation of short series.

What are the specific proposals for AFKOM?

We mainly deal with the creation and implementation of OES/MES/WMS/CMMS systems for manufacturing or logistics companies. They enable manual and automatic transport Management to be optimized for large data processing. Their performance and functionality can be matched to the size of the plant. The Web interface can be run on both the computer and the smartphone or tablet. The application is insensitive to sudden crashes of the computer or other device on which it is being browed.

AFKOM has a lot of successful projects and realization worldwide. What is the source of the company’s success?

We use the best information technology (Oracle, Microsoft, Siemens). We have a team with many years of experience in the development of systems and in the management of IT projects, creation and optimization of databases, programming of web, window, mobile and PLC applications. We have projects implemented in Germany, Spain, Romania, Portugal, India, China in automotive and furniture companies.

What is the most important “flagship” of your product?

Undoubtedly, it is our proprietary AFKOM OES (Operation execution System) system designed to support production, maintenance, quality management and inventory. Together with the Polish branch of Balluff we have prepared a model of the industrial line with a small robot consisting of cars made of wooden blocks. By accessing the system remotely from the customer’s panel you can choose the vehicle to be manufactured and then observe the course of its construction in the automatic factory, and in the system follow confirmation of the successive stages of production.

He spoke: Piotr Kamiński

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