Why is ORACLE APEX for you?

  • Thanks to the use of this platform, the customer can receive a fully working application much faster
  • The cost of creating an application in ORACLE APEX is much lower than an application in a standard language
  • The application can be installed on the client’s server or in the cloud in the SaaS model (as a service)
  • In the SaaS model, the maintenance and servicing of the application is taken on by the supplier , thanks to which no additional service is required on the client’s side.
  • No client-side software required
  • Works as an application that runs in web browsers or independently as PWA (Progressive Web Apps)
  • Does not require updating on the client device side
  • Works on pc, tablet and smartphone
  • ORACLE APEX is a platform on which you can build an entire application integrated with a database
  • One application can have multiple permission levels dedicated to different groups of users
  • APEX applications can run Oracle Autonomous Database (the most technologically advanced database)


  • It is a tool for creating web applications using databases
  • Shares its interface using most web browsers
  • It is installed on the client’s servers or in the cloud
  • Oracle APEX is part of the LOW CODE platform
  • Supporting the programmer with various wizards
  • allows you to create applications up to 38 times faster than standard programming languages

What are the features of oracle APEX?

  • Quickly create apps
    • Code quantity limitation
    • Adapt app pages to the device they’re running on
    • Quickly make changes to your app
    • High security
    • Code tracking to locate faults
    • Constantly updated environment to introduce modern solutions
  • Advanced data visualization
    • Aspect-based search
    • Dynamic charts
    • Interactive reports
    • Card support
  • Data exchange in REST format
    • Downloading data from other services
    • Share data with other apps
  • Globalization
    • The user interface can support any number of languages
    • The application can detect for itself in which language it should be displayed
    • Data can be presented in a manner consistent with individual national standards

What is the use of oracle APEX?

  • The LOW CODE platform is used to create simple as well as complex applications around the world
  • APEX applications can be used as applications that improve processes inside the company or as public applications on the Internet.
  • Many global companies operate exclusively on LOW CODE platforms such as ORACLE APEX, adopting this type of solution as a widely understood and accepted standard.
  • It can be used to create new versions of obsolete applications that may stop working in a short time due to outdated technology

Are APEX applications flexible?

  • Applications can be modified or extended depending on the needs
  • LOW CODE applications can be supplemented with custom code with specific functionality
  • LOW CODE applications give enterprises the flexibility to solve unusual problems and create custom solutions tailored to their needs
  • LOW CODE applications can be scalable according to your needs
  • ORACLE APEX applications can be supplemented even with ML (machine learning) that allows you to create advanced expert systems based on artificial intelligence

Are LOW CODE applications written in ORACLE APEX safe?

  • The platform ensures that the number of vulnerabilities is minimized.
  • It has built-in security to protect against embedding code in the content of the attacked page or injecting SQL statements (SQL injection).
  • Data stored in the database can be encrypted at the database level, which prevents access to them by third parties who do not know the password
  • Applications can have different ways to authenticate users: at the application level, database level, or external authentication (SSO, OAuth2, OpenID Connect).
  • In the case of installation in the ORACLE cloud, it is possible to use an additional firewall for web applications
  • APEX in the ORACLE cloud is also protected against DDoS attacks (an attack on a computer system or network service to prevent operation by seizing all free resources, carried out simultaneously from multiple computers).

Benefit from the experience of large companies!!!

ORACLE APEX is used by m.in:

  • Siemens Mobility
  • Telstra
  • Vodafone Group
  • Minesense
  • Bleckmann
  • Samsonite
  • Sensa Analytics
  • DB Systel GmbH
  • BMI Healthcare
  • ZF

Are APEX applications expensive to maintain?

  • APEX platform can be hosted in a pay-as-you-go model.
  • The customer only pays for what they really use.
  • There are several levels tailored to the client’s needs depending on the scale of the business.