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AFKOM has existed on the market for only a few years and has already been able to boast numerous successes in the international market. About the effects of global work and the author’s mobile application, says Arkadiusz Figurny – Chairman of the board.

What does AFKOM do?

It is a IT company. We specialize in software designed for manufacturing companies. More precisely, it is software that is supposed to support the production and logistics of enterprises. It is such a specific SOFTWARE, which is referred to MES systems. They both control production and report low-level data, e.g. Collect information about the movements of components in production, the composition of the product, the machines used for its creation, and the parameters that are recorded during the production process.

What are the branches of the company directing their services?

First of all to the automotive sector, but we also have a furniture industry among customers. There we track the flow of pallets and its control in a fully automatic system. Pallets are placed on the production buffer in which they are seasoned and thereafter transferred to the further machining process. The whole operation is controlled by our system.

What is the original AFKOM OES system?

In addition to these processes, it also supports quality control, where we collect parameter information. We are able to verify their correctness and also prepare statistics to ensure continuity of production.

The company also operates in foreign markets. How did this happen?

Our clients are mainly corporations. In the last project we installed the system in India. The Internet allows you to connect to any place in the world within the corporate network. This allows us to support any place on Earth. We performed all the work remotely, without having to go abroad. We have prepared appropriate installations on the server, we coordinated the work of programmers in India and today the system works. This is something we want to brag about, because as for such a small company, success in India is a big achievement for us.

What determiners must have a worker to get a job in your industry?

First of all, they are good specialists, fluent in English. They are also characterized by openness, not focusing on one thing, but a broad view of the various topics and willingness to develop. If we talk about people immediately after studying, they have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but they lack practice. Knowledge is passed in such a way that the theory of obscreation is a vision of practice. You have to spend some time later to train the employee. We provide training to prepare an employee directly under the necessary specialization.

What is the nomination for the Polish Innovation Award for you and the company?

It is a chance to develop and show up in a broader group of entrepreneurs. Getting to the client for small businesses is difficult. We strive to promote our solutions to industries that have contacts with manufacturing companies. The nomination is a distinction and a viable opportunity to acquire new corporations that will appreciate our actions.

Anna Cieśla

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