AFKOM becomes a member of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers

We are pleased to poinoformować that AFKOM became a member of the Częstochowa branch of the Association of Entrepreneurs and employers. The Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers is an apolitical organization that operates for Polish entrepreneurs. It brings together supporters of free market and common sense, which depends on the fact that Polish companies have the best conditions for development. Membership in ZPP combines with a number of benefits: it increases the sense of security, provides knowledge of the ever-changing laws, enables faster business development. Importantly, against the background of other ZPP organizations it is distinguished that its activities are entirely targeted at micro, small and medium-sized businesses. The difference is also seen in activity and daily engagement, which translates into the number of projects implemented. From those with the biggest partners, such as the In the Google Project Internet Revolution, or on the portal, through numerous trainings and seminars, up to lobbying activities for SMES, or information support in the form of special newsletters, newsletters, reports and publications. You can learn more about ZPP activity here: about the activities of Częstochowa branch here:

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